This early 19th Century, Grade II Listed townhouse suffered from 50 years of drastic and damaging alterations, particularly to its lower level floors. We were given the challenge of restoring and adapting the property into a modern, light and flowing house.

Our research found that the lower levels had lost all their historic features during a 1960s modernisation; we undertook an ambitious scheme involving temporarily propping the entire rear elevation and building a redesigned extension. The works not only successfully rationalised the architectural plan but also safeguarded the structural integrity of the building for the future. The design created new connections with the outdoors; bringing natural light and views inside, and inviting the occupants to spill out onto the new roof terraces and garden.

The upper levels retained their historic plan and features, with a grand first floor reception room and 5 en-suite bedrooms above.

Photography: Alex Winship

Client: Private
Type: Residential
Location: Chester Street
Council: Westminster
Size: 4,300sq/ft
Completed: 2008 – 2009