Nash Baker Architects client satisfaction survey



Thank you for taking part in our client satisfaction survey. Your opinion and feedback is very much appreciated and will enable us to identify any areas where we can improve our service to our clients.


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1. Process
1. Process
Deciding to appoint an architect is the start of a significant journey that represents a substantial investment of your time and money. As an RIBA chartered architectural practice, it is our responsibility to guide our clients through the building design and construction process – from coming up with an initial design proposal to seeing the project through planning and construction to completion - and to make this as enjoyable and rewarding an experience as possible. I felt clear about each of the following RIBA work stages (1-6) and how they applied to my project:
Stage One: Preparation and Brief
Stage Two: Concept Design
Stage Three: Developed Design and Planning Application
Stage Four: Technical Design
Stage Five: Construction
Stage Six: Final Inspection and Handover
The above RIBA work stages (1-6) were outlined clearly in my letter of appointment
The above RIBA work stages (1-6) provided a clear and helpful framework for understanding the overall process of my project
Nash Baker Architects delivered each of the above work stages (1-6) in a timely manner
Nash Baker Architects' timescales for the delivery of my project was realistic
Overall, Nash Baker Architects managed their work and administration of the project effectively
Any further comments
2. Communication
2. Communication
We believe that giving clear, frank and professional advice from the outset is key to keeping our clients informed and engaged with our design and construction process. Nash Baker Architects communicated well on the following factors:
Responsiveness to queries
Thoroughness, quality and clarity of communication
Openness and approachability
Care and attention to detail
Professional manner and politeness
Meeting deadlines and keeping commitments
Keeping you informed of progress and next steps
Delivering advice
Accessibility and availability of people
Throughout our work together, what was your preferred method of communication?
The Online Shared Folder provided was a useful resource
Any further comments
3. Design
3. Design
With an emphasis on maximising space and light whilst sensitively addressing the architectural context, our schemes aim to present creative and enduring design solutions that meet the aspirations of our clients.
Nash Baker Architects understood my needs and responded to my brief
Nash Baker Architects adequately engaged with me during the design process
The drawings and visualisations produced by Nash Baker Architects were satisfactory
Nash Baker Architects explained their design proposals well
The aesthetic and design qualities of my property (e.g. levels of daylight, room dimensions and ease of circulation), have improved
The maintenance of my property has improved
The efficiency of my property (e.g. lighting, heating and ventilation), has improved
Is there anything about the scheme you would change or approach differently?
Any further comments
4. Consultants & Contractor
As Architects we take the role of ‘Lead Designer’, providing leadership and encouraging a collaborative and coordinated approach between our clients and carefully selected consultants and contractors. Which of the following consultants/contractors did you work with on your project?
Other Consultants
Other Consultants
The services supplied by the following consultants were satisfactory:
Structural engineer
Quantity surveyor
Interior designer
Mechanical & electrical engineer
Audio visual engineer
Lighting designer/engineer
Building Works
Building Works
The construction tender package was issued in a timely and professional manner
I felt the works were inspected at regular intervals
Design variations were accommodated efficiently
I was satisfied with the quality and standard of the works
Any further comments:
5. Fees & Budget
Nash Baker Architects have no 'standard' fee; we work with our clients to determine a suitable scope of services and a fee to suit their budget. Which of the following payment options apply to you?
If your project involved time charge fees, did you find NBA's time reporting helpful and accurate?
At the outset, a project budget was agreed and Nash Baker Architects tailored its proposals accordingly
Nash Baker Architects demonstrated a commercial understanding of my project
The value of my property has increased
The final cost of my project is value for money
Any further comments:
6. Press & Marketing
How did you hear about Nash Baker Architects?
As well as publishing completed projects on our website and on social media, Nash Baker Architects work with a range of high quality architecture and design publications to promote its work to a wider audience. Should your property be of future interest to the architecture / design press, would you in principle be willing to be interviewed?
Any further comments:
Which aspects of Nash Baker Architects' service have you most valued?
In your view, how might NBA improve its service?
Which three words would you use to describe Nash Baker Architects?
Could you write a brief statement about your experience of working with Nash Baker Architects that could be used for press & marketing purposes? (examples at
Following our work together, I would recommend Nash Baker Architects to others
Overall, the performance and services of Nash Baker Architects met my expectations